AAA Distracted Driving Study Reveals In-Car Distractions as Major Problem

23 August 2013


 August 23, 2013

The American Auto Association recently released a new study pertaining to distracted driving.

The study includes content related to a variety of driving distractions, some of which were created by auto manufacturers.

Potential Driving Distractions

Drivers can be distracted by a variety of devices within their vehicles today. They may be distracted by navigational systems, in-car information technology or entertainment devices in their vehicles.

In many cases, manufacturers are largely responsible for equipping these technologies in vehicles in an attempt to improve the technology in the vehicle, but while also increasing the level of risk for an accident due to the distractions that these technologies involve.

Today’s motorist can talk on a cell phone while driving while using hands free set, which is legal in many states. Drivers may also be able to dictate text messages, update their Facebook status and search for directions using an in-car GPS system with the help of a well-equipped phone and vehicle.

Motorists may also be able to surf the Internet, get and send emails. They may also be able to use dashboard computers that let them stay in constant contact with the Internet.

Risk Factors Revealed by the Distracted Driving Study

The AAA conducts an annual AAA Foundation Traffic Safety Culture Index. Repeatedly, 80 percent of drivers say that distracted driving is a serious problem. About half of respondents say that they feel less safe on the roads today than they did five years ago and that distracted driving is a large part of this feeling.

Federal figures suggest that distracted driving contributes to at least 16 percent of all fatal automotive accidents, causing about 5,000 American deaths each year. The AAA’s study found that distracted driving severely impairs drivers’ ability to safely drive.

This is because these technologies can delay drivers’ response times, impair their brain cognitive function and cause drivers to miss visual clues while driving. When a driver is busy with in-car technologies, they are more likely to be focused on these technologies and less likely to be focused on their environment, nearby pedestrians, traffic signals or other visual cues.
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