How Effective are Public and FDA Drug Recalls?

21 September 2013


 September 21, 2013

are drug recalls effectiveAmericans take more than $300 billion worth of prescription drugs every year. However, many drugs are recalled after Americans have already consumed them.

The process of recalling these drugs may not effectively be protecting consumers in other ways as well.

FDA Process

The Food and Drug Administration releases a report every Wednesday. This report lists the drugs that fall under the category “human drug product recalls pending classification.”

This designation provides a precursor that a recall may be pending. This process only involves Class I recalls, which involves only the most serious recalls. People can go on the website and read the notice.

Potential Problems of the Process

Because the website warnings are only updated weekly, consumers could go several days without knowing about serious potential problems with their medications. Additionally, most consumers may not even be aware of the posting or regularly reading the content.

Additionally, doctors may not be reading the alerts and notifying patients who use the particular medications listed on the website.

FDA Classes

One way to protect consumers is to ensure that they’re to be informed.

They can learn about the “classes” that the FDA uses. Class I recalls are the most severe, indicating that there is a “reasonable probability that the use of or exposure to a volatile product will cause serious adverse health consequences or death.” The recall means that immediate action is required. A Class III recall means that adverse health conditions are not likely to be caused.

Possible Remedies

One possible solution to the FDA drug recall issue is to require pharmaceutical companies to email consumers who are known to use their product. Other options may be to contact the consumer via Medicare, Medicaid or the pharmacy. However, these solutions may be cost-prohibitive for some companies.

Help from a Personal Injury Lawyer

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