4 Ways Businesses can Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents

4 February 2013


 February 4, 2013
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Slip and FallAccording to the National Floor Safety Institute, in Florida, over 1 million people are injured due to slip and fall accidents each year. These accidents commonly happen at the front entrance of stores where moisture from inclement weather typically collects.

Here are a few tips from the professionals as to how to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Use Floor Mats

Something as simple as floor mats at the entrance of each business can greatly reduce the likelihood of people being injured through a slip and fall accident. Floor mats help to absorb moisture and provide people with more solid footing when going from a wet area outside to a dry area inside.

However, it’s important to make sure that you have the right floor mats. Commercial floor mats that meet specific standards are what each business needs to use. In addition, the floor mats must be cleaned on a regular basis, installed in the proper manner and replaced when needed. Lastly, it’s important to make sure that the floor mats employ an anti-slip bottom to keep the floor mat stationary which provides proper and even footing.

Inspecting Problem Areas

Stanford University suggests that inspections be done of entrance and exit areas of a business to ensure that safety issues are properly dealt with. These high risk areas need to have problems with moisture and water assessed and any issues should be resolved well before the rainy season begins. This can include maintenance of flooring surfaces, housekeeping and proper lighting.

Other Considerations

Nonslip coatings can be applied to floors that improve footing and thus reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents. In addition, improved protocols for cleaning up spills as well as eliminating excess moisture is another way to ensure that people are less likely to slip and fall.

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