Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Florida

8 May 2013


 May 8, 2013
Category: Truck Accidents

causes of truck accidentsTraveling along Interstate 75 in Florida, passenger cars share the road with large trucks on constant basis. The sheer mass of these large vehicles produces a host of maneuvering and breaking difficulties that smaller passenger cars do not experience.

Know Your Limitations

The U.S Department of Transportation has identified causation factors for large truck accidents. Their study on causation noted several areas as having a direct role.

  • Fatigue
  • Maintenance
  • Passenger Cars
  • Working Environment
  • Environmental Factors
  • Performance of the Driver
  • Load and Truck Design
  • Proper licensing and monitoring
  • Driver Experience

These factors contribute to all traffic accidents in general. All drivers should rest frequently when driving. A driver should maintain their vehicles to prevent accidents. Everyone should take extra care when road conditions are less than optimal.

Nevertheless, the massive size and heavy loads carried by tractor-trailers requires extra vigilance from professional truck drivers.

Playing Hide-n-Seek

There are some things that passenger car drivers must be aware of when sharing the highway with a tractor-trailer. The Michigan Center for Truck Safety has some excellent suggestions in their Sharing the Road Driving Safely Around Big Trucks.

  • Be aware of blind areas.
  • Merge, pass and exit safely
  • Trucks take longer to stop — as much as the length of a football field
  • Remember that trucks require wider turning areas

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