Court Extends Deadline for Food Safety Modernization Act

13 June 2013


 June 13, 2013
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washing vegetablesA court has recently ruled that the Food and Drug Administration will have additional time to create a schedule for releasing food safety rules. The decision comes after a battle with the Center for Food Safety.

About the Food Safety Modernization Act

The Center for Food Safety filed suit in August 2012 against the Food and Drug Administration after the administration failed to meet several deadlines regarding the publication of regulations as mandated by FSMA.

The guidelines are meant to update the food safety system in the United States in order to institute more preventative measures as opposed to reacting to problems after they have occurred. The Center for Food Safety has been attempting to force the Food and Drug Administration to adhere to existing time constraints for moving forward with these guidelines.

Details of the Recent Ruling

An Oakland United States District Court judge ruled in April that the Food and Drug Administration must devise a new schedule for releasing the new rules by May 20.

The administration complied and sent their updated schedule to the Center for Food Safety, but the organization was not satisfied with the new timeline. The two jointly asked the judge for more time to come to a consensus. The judge has now said that the Food and Drug Administration and the Center for Food Safety will have until June 10 to reach an agreement with which they are both satisfied.

New Proposed Food Safety Rules

After the Center for Food Safety filed its complaint in 2012, the Food and Drug Administration released some of the rules that it was mandated to create.

Some rules include preventative controls for food while others regard safety standards. Some of the proposed rules cover how goods will be imported in a safe manner, including strategies to establish regulations that would ensure that these goods would be safely transported. Neutral third-party audits are also being considered.

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