Fatal Motorcycle Accident Statistics Continued to Rise in 2012

15 May 2013


 May 15, 2013

speeding motorcycleThe statistics are disturbing.

2012 saw as much as a nine percent jump in motorcycle fatalities over 2011 in many of the states in the USA. The Governors Highway Safety Association also recently showed that in only one of the previous 15 years did motorcycle fatalities not increase.

Springtime is for Motorcycles

With warmer weather rapidly approaching during the spring and summer months, motorcyclists will take to the road in greater numbers. As the rains of April subside, warmer, drier weather will exert its appeal, and even cold-state bikers will hit the road.

In fact, record-breaking temperatures in March 2012 contributed significantly to the unusually high number of fatalities during the first six months of that year.

High Gas Prices Drive Motorists to Their Bikes

With gas prices hovering at or near $4 a gallon during much of last year, people who own motorcycles rode them more often in order to save on fuel. Motorcycles are, after all, incredibly fuel-efficient vehicles. Riders with cars that have 12-gallon gas tanks and get 25 mpg will get roughly the same number of miles from a five-gallon motorcycle gas tank that gets 60 mpg.

Share the Road to Reduce Florida Motorcycle Accidents

Aside from the bikers themselves wearing a helmet, which decreases fatalities by 37 percent, there are many other options for the biker. For example, motorcyclists can reduce speed and/or alcohol consumption, seek better training, and ensure they are properly licensed. They cannot, however, control what other motorists do.

Other motorists should be increasingly aware of motorcycles. Drivers should check blind spots frequently, especially when making a turn. It costs you almost no time at all to look in a rear view or side view mirror, and it will very likely save a life.

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