Florida's Stormy Summer Weather Presents Increased Risks for Local Car Accidents

22 June 2013


 June 22, 2013
Category: Car Accidents

With the heavy rains that commuters face in our area during the summer, weather-related traffic accidents tend to increase during this season from year to year. This problem will likely remain a concern in Tampa this year as well, where an average rainfall of approximately 45 inches occurs every year, much of which falls during heavy summer showers.

Why Weather-Related Car Accidents Occur

In a nutshell, inclement weather makes it more difficult for vehicles to stop, stay on the road and avoid collisions with other drivers.

When roadways get wet, they often become slippery, posing a danger for motorists on the roadway. At the same time, oils on the roads rise to the surface under wet conditions, causing a greasy surface to result.

Ways to Prevent These Accidents

There are steps that every motorist can take to avoid accidents that occur on slippery roadways. All motorists should decrease their speed while driving during a storm. This will allow a vehicle’s tires to have more traction. In turn, this can lead to drivers having more time to react and brake to avoid a collision.

When drivers use their brakes, they must ensure that they do so slowly. By braking suddenly, they may lose traction with the road, causing the vehicle to skid or hydroplane. This can cause a vehicle to spin out of control and cause a car accident.

Carefully monitoring the motorists ahead of them can also help drivers avoid accidents. They should keep a safe distance between them and other drivers to increase reaction time. By

taking these precautions, drivers may be able to drastically decrease the number of accidents that occur.

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Unfortunately, not all drivers will take these precautions, so some accidents are inevitable.

If you or a loved one is involved in a motor vehicle accident that is caused by the rain this summer, a Tampa car accident attorney may be able to help. Personal injury attorneys may be able to help victims receive compensation for the damages that they sustained due to another person’s negligence.

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