Global Youth Traffic Safety Month Aims to Reduce Teen Car Accidents

31 May 2013


 May 31, 2013
Category: Car Accidents

The National Organizations for Youth Safety have partnered with a variety of individuals and entities to establish May as Global Youth Traffic Safety Month.

This program is meant to raise awareness of the dangers that surround young drivers and share statistics related to this particular demographic. The program’s goal is to educate young drivers and teach them to make wiser decisions regarding their driving.

Purpose of Global Youth Traffic Safety Month

Young drivers face an increased risk of being involved in motor vehicle accidents compared to older drivers.

The campaign’s promoters believe that everyone has responsibility for keeping America’s youngest drivers safe. Global Youth Traffic Safety Month gives young drivers an opportunity to learn about good driving habits in time for summer when more accidents are likely to occur for young people.

Partners of the Global Youth Traffic Safety Month

A variety of partners collaborated with the National Organizations for Youth Safety to raise awareness. These partners include government entities, leaders of corporations, young drivers and other partners. Individuals and organizations wishing to become involved in the campaign can find more information by visiting

Components of the Global Youth Traffic Safety Month

Partners for Global Youth Traffic Safety Month are taking steps to injury and fatality statistics related to young drivers The National Transportation Safety Board has established an information campaign while the Ad Council has initiated an outreach program in a popular teens’ magazine.

Phone companies, state representatives and insurance companies have established their own information programs, including a video documentary related to teens who have died while

texting and driving. All are collaborating to prevent teen fatalities related to distracted driving and drinking and driving.

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