Help Prevent Florida Bicycle Accidents During National Bike Month with These Safety Tips

5 June 2013


 June 5, 2013
Category: Bicycle Accidents

may national bike monthMay is National Bike Month, providing us with an excellent opportunity to reflect on cycling habits and ways to prevent accidents.

Bike injuries can result in serious injuries, including spinal cord and brain injuries. Here are some common causes of bike accidents and ways to prevent them.

Overlapped Wheels

When a cyclist’s front wheel passes another rider’s rear wheel, inadvertent bumps can occur, causing major crashes. This type of accident can be avoided by keeping your distance from the next cyclist. If you are traveling in a group, keep note of the speed of the group so you can adjust your speed to match the rest of the group’s speed.

Not Looking Ahead

Sometimes a cyclist may get distracted from the road and not notice changing road conditions or obstacles until it is too late. He or she may be listening to a radio, looking at a text message or not thinking about the road in front of him or her.

By staying alert even when traveling on familiar roadways, a person may be able to avoid this type of accident. Additionally, fatigue may lead to not paying attention, so cyclists should avoid riding when overtired.

Hazardous Terrain

Sometimes roadways are not safe for cyclists due to debris on the roadway or uneven surfaces. Additionally, sharp curves may be hazardous, or roads may be slick due to rain or ice. Other hazards such as potholes and distracted pedestrians pose challenges of their own.

Paying attention to the terrain in front of cyclists and maintaining a reasonable speed can prevent many of these accidents.

Tense Riding

Some cyclists do not feel comfortable and have tense body posture, causing their movements to be magnified. They are often unable to react quickly, and they may pose a hazard to other cyclists.

Ensuring that a bike fits you properly is the first step to take to avoid this safety issue. Taking some training lessons can help riders develop confidence and develop related skills, including spatial awareness and field vision.

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