Avoid Florida Motorcycle Accidents and Increase Biker Awareness with New Safety Foundation iBook

17 April 2013


 April 17, 2013

motorcycle safety foundationMotorcycling has gained popularity in the last few decades, likely due to the greater concern for the environment, highly fluctuating gas prices and more motorists on the roads. With more motorcycles on the roadway, more accidents are likely to happen.

However, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is taking action to try to prevent the number of accidents that occur through its publication of a new iBook entitled “Intersection: Sharing the Road.” The Motorcycle Safety Foundation hopes that the book will be used by existing motorcyclists, prospective motorcyclists and other drivers.

About the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s new iBook

The new iBook was created with the iBooks Author application and features an easy to use format for readers. It includes interactive diagrams, pics, videos and multi-touch options. Readers can touch the screen on their iPads to make captions appear, or they can pinch and zoom to see picture galleries and videos on the 32 pages that the book features.

Readers can adapt the book to their own needs by highlighting text and adding notes to the book. They can also use the dictionary that is built into the book. The book makes wireless adaptations and remembers where the reader left off so that it can go to that section when the reader returns later. The book can be accessed by readers in 32 countries and costs only 99 cents.

The president of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation says that the foundation wanted to decrease the number of crashes that involved motorcycles. He adds that the book is primarily directed at those drivers who cause over 35 percent of the crashes that involve motorcycles. The book tries to help other drivers become more aware of motorcycles and shows how different situations can be dangerous to motorcyclists.

The book is part of the foundation’s ongoing goal to provide rider training and education to better ensure the safety of motorists on the roadway. The foundation has established certain standards that the federal government and other countries have recognized since 1973. The book is a follow-up to another iBook created by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, but is also┬ápart of a movement by the foundation to make its programs and safety content available to users via download.

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