Do Non-Profit Nursing Homes Provide Better Care?

16 September 2013


 September 16, 2013
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nonprofit nursing homesWhile some individuals believe that for-profit nursing homes can provide better care because they may have more resources, statistics indicate that this may not be the case.

A study and report that was finalized in August 2009 indicates that non-profit nursing homes may actually provide better care for their patients.

Findings of the Study

The British Medical Journal was responsible for the study. It drafted a report which indicated that non-profit nursing homes receive more five-star ratings by independent review boards than for-profit nursing homes.

Possible Reasons for the Conclusion

Non-profit nursing homes are not necessarily focused on profit margins like for-profit nursing homes may be. In theory, non-profits nursing homes can focus on providing better care for their patients, as well as their employees. While for-profit nursing homes may have a steady flow of income from sources not related to the nursing home, such as a large developer or private investor, non-profit nursing homes must generally rely on the public’s generosity.

Family members of patients may make donations to non-profit nursing homes, so these types of nursing homes must strive to maintain their reputation in the community. Another possible factor in the discrepancy in care between non-profit nursing homes and for-profit ones is that many non-profit nursing homes are owned by religious organizations or missions. This characteristic may make them inherently opposed to being driven by their profit margin.

Disadvantage of For-Profit Nursing Homes

For-profit nursing homes have a few disadvantages. Being primarily focused on profit margins may mean that these nursing homes cut corners to decrease their operating expenses. Some common methods of slashing expenses include reducing the number of employees to care for the patients, purchasing cheaper meals and using cheaper resources.

While reducing the number of nurses may help the profit margin of these nursing homes, fewer people on staff could be a dangerous condition for patients who may need urgent care from qualified medical staff.

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While non-profit nursing homes may generally provide better care than for-profit nursing homes, choosing a non-profit home does not mean that a loved one will provide the care that he or she deserves.

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