How a Pattern of Recklessness Can Help in Proving Negligence

29 September 2013


 September 29, 2013

pattern of recklessnessWhile accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, when drivers have a pattern of reckless driving, it may be easier to prove that a person acted negligently in a personal injury claim.

Driving in a reckless manner on a number of occasions, having accidents due to an ongoing medical condition, or having constant distractions may help prove a plaintiff’s pattern of recklessness behind the wheel.

Example of Patterned Behavior

For example, one driver’s pattern of reckless behavior was brought to the authorities’ attention shortly after he drove into a gas pump. The accident resulted in an explosion resulting in a victim sustaining life-threatening third degree burns.

About a month later, the same driver crashed his vehicle into a house. When the police charged him with reckless driving, they uncovered his bad driving record: he had been found responsible for five serious accidents within the last year.

An overview of these accidents include:

  • August 2012 – the driver hit a road sign, crashed through a business yard and hit a utility pole

  • April 2013 – he crashed his vehicle into a ditch

  • May 2013 – the driver crashed his vehicle into a home

  • July 2013 – the driver caused an accident at the gas station

  • August 2013 – he crashed into another house

The driver blamed the accidents on a medical condition. He said that he was hypoglycemic and on anxiety medication. According to the driver, he would feel dizzy and black out before each accident. Police in the city where he is licensed are attempting to have him tested and evaluated to try to prevent future accidents from occurring.

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