Potentially Dangerous School Supplies that Can Cause Child Injuries

20 September 2013


 September 20, 2013
Category: Child Injury

unsafe school suppliesAlthough school supplies are something parents likely think of as safe when it comes to their children, there are many harmful and dangerous products that are commonly used.

How do we know there are toxins in school supplies?

A study by the Center for Health Environment and Justice, which was conducted last year, revealed that many common school supplies contain toxic chemicals that could be harmful to children.

What types of chemicals or toxins are found in common school supplies?

Phthalates, which is a chemical often added to plastics to make them softer, was found in many of the tested products. In fact, according to the experts, the problem is so widespread that there is phthalates in virtually every household in the nation in some form.

Why aren’t chemicals regulated?

The federal government regulates children’s toys thus ensuring there is no phthalates used in their construction. However, there are no such regulations in place for school supplies, boots, raincoats or other similar products.

Products where harmful chemicals were discovered:

  • Lunch boxes.
  • Book-bags.
  • Plastic folders such as three-ring binders.
  • Rain boots.
  • Raincoats.
  • How prevalent is this issue?

    Researchers found that as many as 75 percent of all the products tested returned positive for the toxin phthalates. Some of the most notable products affected included Disney’s Spiderman and Dora branded lunchboxes and backpacks.

    What is so harmful about the toxins within these products?

    According to the experts, exposure to toxins has been associated with the development of ADHD, asthma and birth defects.

    What is being done about the issue?

    Senator Charles Schumer and others hope to motivate Congress to pass the Safe Chemicals Act thus ensuring the Environmental Protection Agency has more regulation power when it comes to consumer products. Parents should also seek to keep themselves informed about these issues until regulations begin to kick in and require toxin removal from all children’s products.

    >What can be done if there is already damage?

    If a parent discovers their child has been exposed to a toxin and it has led to some of the aforementioned ailments, they can acquire the aid of an attorney to assist in seeking the compensation they deserve for the ongoing treatment of their child.

    Has your child been injured by someone else’s negligence? We may be able to help.

    If you or someone you love has suffered an injury due to toxins within a product, call Abrahamson & Uiterwyk at 1-800-753-5203 for a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

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