What Role Do Expert Witnesses Play in Personal Injury Cases?

25 February 2013


 February 25, 2013
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hand on bibleWhile expert witnesses are not necessary in every case, many clients can benefit from the use of an expert witness. Such an individual can provide valuable testimony due to his or her expertise in a given field.

Expert witnesses can provide testimony during civil or criminal cases. They may provide direct testimony during a legal proceeding, such as a hearing or a trial, or they may provide insight to the attorney from an experienced perspective.

Expert witnesses may evaluate evidence or investigate a case to make a theory about how an accident or other event occurred. Expert witnesses may be retained in a variety of cases.

For example, an expert witness is often required in medical malpractice cases. This individual is typically a healthcare provider who can testify about what was the appropriate standard of care regarding a medical case and how the treating physician may have deviated from this standard.

An accident reconstruction expert may be retained in a car accident or workplace accident case. This type of individual can usually provide testimony about how an accident likely occurred. He or she may be able to use special software to provide a visual aid for the jury to better understand how the accident occurred.

Other experts who may help in accident cases include experts in the engineering, roadway design and automotive maintenance fields. These types of experts can help pinpoint the main cause and any other contributing causes of an accident so that each liable party can be named as a defendant in the case.

Another important expert who may be retained is an economist. This individual can assess the financial impact that an accident had on a victim. He or she can inform the jury of the lifetime consequences and monetary value related to an accident.

Regardless of the type of expert, it is often necessary for an expert witness to be available who can effectively communicate information to a judge or jury. He or she should be able to explain complicated matters in a simpler way to prove cause and the value of the claim.

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