Avoid Dangerous and Defective Products by Staying Informed about Product Recalls

2 July 2013


 July 2, 2013
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product recallsManufacturers owe a duty to consumers to sell products that are safe for their intended use. When a problem is later discovered with a product, a recall may be issued to get dangerous products off the market.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers may be more interested in keeping a higher profit margin and may not reveal information about the danger of their product unless they are forced to do so.

Recent Examples of Dangerous Product Recalls

  • The Dancing Easter Chicks were recalled due to the toy being too loud and potentially causing hearing problems in children.
  • Ford F-150 trucks that have EcoBoost engines may also be recalled due to growing concerns regarding the performance of the engine.
  • Vive La Fete recalled a set of children’s pajamas due to the pajamas not meeting federal standards regarding flammability.

Steps to Protect Yourself Against Recalls

It can be difficult to monitor product safety recalls. However, doing the homework can prevent tragedies from occurring in the first place.

By using web tools like Google Alerts, consumers can quickly find out about safety recalls for items that they have recently purchased. They can also research products that they intend to buy online to discover possible safety concerns, even if these goods are bought second-hand.

There are also several websites devoted to sharing recall information with the public, many of which offer email alerts for recall notices as they are released.

Websites that Help

A variety of websites report recent recalls to consumers. Some of the businesses and sites that may be able to help are:

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