New Study Reveals Poor Outcomes for Repeat Brain Trauma Victims

6 February 2013


 February 6, 2013
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repeat brain traumaApproximately 3.5 million individuals sustain traumatic brain injury every year. This type of injury often leads to several negative consequences in victims. A new study that is featured in the Journal of Neurotrauma recommends that a metabolic marker may have the potential to assist healthcare providers in identifying patients who are at a higher risk and to advise them according to this insight.

According to the report’s findings, once someone has sustained a traumatic brain injury, he may be susceptible to more significant damage if he sustains a repeat injury. Some repeat injuries may cause a person to have functional and behavioral damage if the injury takes place within a specific window of time after the initial injury. The potential for severe damage is greatest when there is a small interval of time between the two injuries.

However, healthcare providers may be able to predict this vulnerable time period. The brain has a reduction in glucose uptake after an injury occurs. If healthcare providers measure this level, they can assess the time period when a patient is most vulnerable and may take proactive steps toward protecting their patients from sustaining a second injury. Many patients have a window that is about five days long, but each case should be evaluated for the most accurate results.

Personal injury victims often sustain head injuries in accidents, and it is extremely critical that they seek immediate medical attention after sustaining an injury of this nature. Because of the vulnerable time period, personal injury victims should also take care not to sustain an additional injury during this time frame. Due to the ability of segregating the effects of one injury from the next, it is possible to assign liability to the proper party for each injury that is sustained.

Personal injury victims may be able to recover damages for medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning ability, pain and suffering and other expenses associated with the injury. Many traumatic head injuries result in the death of the victim. In a case of this nature, the family may be able to recover other damages, such as the burial and funeral expenses, loss of support, loss of affection and loss of consortium.

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