Tampa Motorcycle Accident

An Accident Can Derail Your Life, But We’ll Fight To Put You Back On Track

There can be no doubt that bad motorcycle accidents are excruciatingly painful — not to mention financially devastating.

Even if you were wearing a helmet and other protective gear, your two-wheel vehicle may be no match for the brute force of cars and SUV’s four times its size and weight, or an 80,000-pound tractor trailer.

What a Tampa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Might Do For You       

Because of the catastrophic types of injuries motorcycle accident victims tend to receive, they are often laid up for weeks or even months at a time. Our attorneys may be able to visit you in the hospital or at home in order to assess your case.

Motorcycle Accidents by the Numbers 

The following statistics on motorcycle accidents are eye-opening:

  • Motorcyclists are 16 times more likely to suffer serious injuries than drivers or occupants of other types of vehicles.
  • Motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to suffer fatal injuries than drivers or passengers in cars.
  • Less than 20% of motorcyclists who get into accidents escape without injury – or without being killed.

Abrahamson & Uiterwyk’s Guarantee to Every Client

If you’ve ever wondered how you’ll pay a lawyer if you lose a case, set your mind at ease. Our firm has a special guarantee: we never collect a dime if we fail to win or settle for you.

Whatever you do, don’t wait!  It’s in your best interest to act now!

Do I Have a Case?

This is the number one question that most clients ask us. It can cause a great deal of anxiety not knowing if you have a case. Get your questions answered as quickly as possible by contacting us today.

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