Teen Traffic Fatality Statistics Reveal Role of Speed in Deaths

7 September 2013


 September 7, 2013

speeding carThe incidence of speeding being associated with fatal teen car crashes has increased over the last decade, according to traffic fatality statistics.

Societal factors may have influenced this trend, but parents can take steps to decrease the risk of their teen being involved in a speed-related accident.

According to a newly released report by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association that analyzed traffic fatality statistics, speed is becoming an increasingly common factor in fatal teen crashes. The report indicates that more than 19,000 fatal crashes involving teens were related to speed.

Findings of the Study

Speeding went from being involved in 30 percent of teen crashes in 2000 to 33 percent of crashes in 2011, even though the number of teen deaths has decreased during this time period.

The study was funded by State Farm and revealed that male teens are more likely to speed at night and when they have other teen passengers with them. When male teens drive with three or more teen passengers, nearly half of the fatal car crashes are related to speeding.

Furthermore, teens have the highest crash risk, and speed continues to be a common factor related to fatal motor vehicle accidents involved with male and female teen drivers.

Reasons for Problems with Speeding

Although many public service campaigns have been directed at distracted driving and other dangerous driving habits, campaigns may have neglected the very serious factor of speeding. Speeding may be increasing its frequency in fatal car crashes because states have continuously increased their speed limits.

The study also found that a contributing factor is that speeding is viewed as acceptable behavior. The study reasoned that speeding will continue to be a problem until society acknowledges it as dangerous behavior.

Ways to Prevent Speeding-Related Motor Vehicle Accidents

Parents can have a tremendous impact in helping to reduce the rate of motor vehicle accidents associated with teen speeding. For example, parents should discuss the importance of observing all traffic laws, including speed limit signs.

They should also demonstrate by example so that teens can emulate safe behavior. Parents can establish specific rules and consequences when teens break these rules. Parents can also limit their teen’s ability to drive when he or she first gets his or her license.

Speed-monitoring devices can also be installed in the teen’s vehicle to keep tabs on him or her and help address risky driving habits.

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