Traumatic Brain Injury Victims May Benefit from New Mayo Clinic Diagnostic Tool

20 April 2013


 April 20, 2013
Category: Brain Injury

concussion diagramIndividuals who sustain injuries in automotive accidents, slip and fall accidents, contact sports and other types of accidents may sustain severe concussions.

These brain injuries are often difficult to diagnose because the diagnosis relies on the victim being able to recognize the symptoms and recollect them to a healthcare professional. However, many patients are not trained in recognizing these symptoms and may fail to make the necessary connection to request assistance.

About Mayo Clinic’s New Diagnostic Tool for Concussions

In order to assist in this endeavor, Mayo Clinic researchers have created a new diagnostic tool that may be able to assist with accurately diagnosing a concussion. The new tool works by inspecting the injury for heart rate and blood pressure changes. The tool specifically works by checking for these changes that only occur with concussions.

The Mayo Clinic researchers conducted their research by monitoring 21 individuals who had previously sustained a concussion. The researchers found that all of the participants had changes in their blood pressure and heart rates during the testing procedure.

Early Detection Crucial in Treating Traumatic Brain Injury Victims

Because concussions can lead to serious long-term consequences, it is important that they are identified as quickly as possible. Many patients have symptoms of concussions long before they seek medical treatment of them.

If a medical professional does not quickly diagnose a concussion, a person may return to his or her normal routine and may subsequently sustain an additional head injury that can have even more significant long-term consequences.

Although individuals certainly want to avoid multiple concussions, even a single concussion can result in long-term consequences to the brain. A recent study revealed that a single concussion

can cause significant structural damage to a patient’s brain. Specifically, researchers found that a concussion’s damage endured for more than a year after a person had sustained the injury.

Medical professionals can help mitigate the long-term consequences of concussions by using the diagnostic tool created by the researchers from the Mayo Clinic. Once a person seeks medical treatment and discusses an incident that resulted in a blow to the head, a medical professional can use the diagnostic tool to ascertain the medical condition and quickly treat it.

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Although this tool may help victims of traumatic brain injury accidents mitigate the consequences of concussions, it cannot help to prevent them from occurring. If you or a loved one has sustained a similar injury due to another’s negligence, our experienced brain injury attorneys may be able to help.

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