Understanding the Hidden Dangers of Nutritional Supplements

30 March 2013


 March 30, 2013
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People are inundated by ads on television and the Internet touting products that promise everything from fast weight loss to miracle cures.

The supplement craze has become a multi-billion dollar industry both in the United States and overseas. Some of the claims made by manufacturers are:

  • Weight loss without exercise
  • Muscle building without exercise
  • Diabetes cures
  • Sexual enhancement

Manufacturing Standards And FDA Guidelines

Since many supplements are manufactured outside of the United States, the Food And Drug Administration has little power to guarantee their safety to consumers. The FDA oversees the approval and sale of actual medications but has much less say in products that carry the label of “supplement.”

The FDA can only act if a supplement that has been released for sale is capable of causing harm to the public. In some cases the product has already caused injuries or death by the time the FDA can become involved and have it taken off the market.

There is no requirement for doctors to learn about supplements on the market today. Your doctor may give you the advice to avoid the product completely and advise you to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle instead.

Claims Made By Supplement Manufacturers

Some of the claims made by supplement manufacturers may seem to defy explanation. Most offer some type of guarantee that the customer will receive some benefit from taking the product. Some of the claims are:

  • Products that claim to be a legal replacement for anabolic steroids.
  • Lose weight without changes in diet or exercise.
  • Eliminate scar tissue inside and on the outside of the body.

The best advice is to avoid any supplement that has an unbelievable claim, labeling in a language other than English or is manufactured outside the United States.

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