Understanding Tire Safety Key to Safe Summer Travel and Avoiding Car Accidents in Tampa

3 August 2013


 August 3, 2013
Category: Car Accidents

tire safetyTires play a pivotal role in travel safety, especially during the summer months when more families are on the roadways.

The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that the life of an average tire was approximately 44,700 miles over and average period of 3.6 years.

The administration also reports that about 400 people die every year due to the failure of a tire. The summer is particularly problematic because tires that are exposed to the sun and heat are more likely to wear out faster. However, there are some steps that you can take to avoid injury or death due to tire failure.

Ask about the tires

When you are considering purchasing a used vehicle, it is crucial that you ask the seller or dealer about the approximate age of the tires. Get the paperwork on the tires if possible. The tires may still be under warranty in some cases.

Select the right tires

The right tire for your vehicle will depend on the vehicle you drive, its loading recommendations and other considerations. A tire dealer or auto manufacturer may be able to provide advice about the best tire to purchase, considering your driving habits.

Check tire pressure

Purchase a tire gauge and check the pressure of your tires at least monthly. Check tire pressure before embarking on a long trip. If the tires are under-inflated, the tires may sustain damage, which may lead to tire failure.

Get a tire rotation

Go to a mechanic about every 6,000 miles to get your tires rotated. The need for an alignment or imbalance will be noticed prior to the rotation of the tires. Ask for your vehicle to be inspected if the vehicle is pulling to one side while driving.

Check tire tread

Place a penny in the groove of the tire’s tread to measure it. If you see the top of the head on the penny, it is time for a tire change. Additionally, check for any gouges, bulges, damage or cuts in the sidewalls of the tire.

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