Unsafe Loads Can Play Major Role in Commercial Truck Accidents

5 July 2013


 July 5, 2013
Category: Truck Accidents

unsafe truck loadUnsafe loads can easily lead to disastrous results if goods become loose and fall out of commercial vehicles.

There are steps that trucking companies can take to prevent these types of accidents from occurring, as well as steps to hold companies accountable when they do not take necessary precautions.

Safe Loading

Trucking companies should use durable straps that are not worn, frayed or otherwise damaged when tying down large items. Items should be tightly bound as wind pressure while en route can be great on these loads.

If the wind causes a snap to break, dangerous materials may be sent across the roadways. Trucking companies should use a tarp or netting to cover loose items. This step can also prevent debris from being blown off of the truck and into the roadway. The tarp itself should also be secured so that it is not blown off of the truck.

Trucks should not be overloaded. Additionally, an employee for the trucking company should check each load before the truck leaves the company.

Reasons for Load-Related Truck Accidents

Trucking companies are constantly attempting to move goods faster as they are often paid by the number of miles traveled or the number of loads delivered. Trucking companies may not check that a load is properly secured because they are in a hurry.

They may be more concerned with meeting tight deadlines so they may skimp on the time that they should take to ensure the load is safe. If cargo falls out of a commercial truck, it may hit a vehicle that is in its vicinity.

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Trucking companies that fail to properly safeguard their cargo may be acting in a negligent manner. They may be held legally responsible for the damages that result due to this negligence.

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